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zakkerig in English:

1. wretched wretched

You look wretched—what's wrong?
The slums were filled with poor, wretched children. I don't know what's wrong with her, but she looks wretched.
I was shocked to see their wretched living conditions
Many of Charles Dickens’ works reflect his own wretched early life.
flu makes you feel wretched
Unfortunately, their living conditions are still wretched.
The lost dog looked wretched when we found it, but we soon nursed him back to health.
The people live in wretched conditions, with no running water.
The wretched, nervous, ill-fated crewman had vanished.
These wretched people had seen their homes going up in flames. 2. Reality started to hit about four months after we had bought the wretched place 3. I feel really confused and wretched. 4. What a wretched excuse.
He lived a wretched life when young.