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theater in English:

1. theater theater

Which theater is that?
The evening performance at the Royal Theater had ended, and the audience had gone home.
The theater in my neighborhood is being rebuilt.
That theater has a foreign film festival every other month.
I showed my ticket to the man at the door, then entered the theater.
You cannot take a picture in the theater without permission.
During the intermission, Takashi and Harumi had a drink at the theater bar.
I don't know the theater play, but I know the author well.
I would have liked to see the ending of the film, but I had to leave the theater.
A ballet theater is a place in which I can study motion.
Theater attendance usually falls off in summer.
The entire theater turned to chaos when somebody cried "Fire!".
Daddy, I'll stop doing theater and won't sing anymore.
The theater company's characterization of Anne Frank was very emotional, but tasteful.
At the theater, Kathy changed seats with her mother.