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stam in English:

1. stem stem

Those flowers have very short stems.
He dropped his wineglass and broke its stem.
A rose has thorns on its stem.
Scientists are fighting to stem the spread of the AIDS virus.
He stemmed me from saying that. This problem stems from your lack of trust.
The plant has an underground stem.
decimating to stem this contusion
You should always hold the wine glass by the stem.
Unless the spread of the disease is stemmed thousands may die.
a stem is the long thin part of a plant that a flower grows on. If something stems from something else, it has that other thing as its origin
Cut a centimetre off the bottom of the stems before you put roses in water.
The wine glass broke at the stem.
A stem of this flower is very poisonous. My dog ate it year ago and died after thirty minutes.
Remove all the stems before you eat the fruit.
Which schools stem from Buddhist thought?