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levendig in English:

1. lively

a lively child
My grandfather is 90 years old and very lively.
The discussion the villagers had on the environment was quite lively.
Today's party was really lively, wasn't it?
CHAPTER FOUR The Man in the Long Yellow Coat Christmas 1823 was especially lively and colourful in t
The atmosphere was lively; with great music and people chatting.
My grandpa is a lively and good-humoured man.
Happy him who with ease can steer, from grave to gay, from lively to severe.
Why do you supose it is that some people remain lively all their lives, even in their old age?
The party went well because everybody was happy and lively.
a lively discussion / Barcelona’s many lively bars
A lively place is full of people who are busy or who are enjoying themselves.
In the streets of this once lively industrial neighbourhood, two out of three houses are now for sale.
But the house is much more lively since she came.
People need to be more lively when presenting their work.

2. vivid

Nothing is more vivid than a picture.
Life's experiences make vivid records on the sensitive plate of his mind.
You've got a vivid imagination!
The event still remains vivid in my memory.
The portrayal of... is vivid
I am pleased with this vivid portrait in particular.
With such a vivid imagination he'll become either a world-famous novelist or a lunatic.
The playwright cherishes the vivid memories of his childhood.
The original and the copy are easily distinguished since the one is much more vivid than the other.
The patient's descriptions of her family are vivid, but very cynical.
This information becomes much more vivid
vivid memories, vivid description
What seemed dull and colourless before, seems bright and vivid now.
There is a downside to this: painful and unpleasant memories are as vivid as if they had just occurred.
Dickens' thoughts come across along with the vivid depiction of old London.