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duiken in English:

1. plunge plunge

This conflict could plunge Germany in war.
The van plunged into the river and driver had plunged knife into his arm.
Sue and John decided to take the plunge.
He stripped off and plunged into the sea.
Homicide rates plunge whenever anarchy and the...
She says she'd love to do some different job, but she's too scared to take the plunge.
Relations between Britain and Russia plunged Wednesday to a chilly level not seen since the Cold War
Temperatures plunged below zero.
He plunged into the crowd, smiling and shaking hands.
They plunged into the sea. The unemployment rate plunged sharply.
The share price suddenly plunged and the value of the company was almost wiped out.
Monetary and currency policy must help people, not plunge them into poverty
The number plunged to 284,157 two years later in 1917
Production started the year in a stable position but then plunged in 1999. It has now flattened out at a level of 20.

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