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blijvend in English:

1. lasting lasting

But most people get better and have few lasting problems.
The scenery of the Alps left a lasting impression on me.
The reforms will bring lasting benefits.
Few observers believe that the treaty will bring a lasting peace to the region.
It is in our own interests that lasting peace and democracy should prevail there.
this is long lasting mascara
Basing his invention of public relations on his uncle Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, Edward Bernays has left a lasting legacy on the media and how they interact with their audiences.
The 19th-century European colonization of Africa has left a lasting legacy all over the continent.
I noticed that I got a more lasting satisfaction from works of a more incomplete character.
Those books which have made a lasting contribution to man's quest for truth, we call great books.
The first impression is most lasting.