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advertentie in English:

1. advert advert

It was the best advertisement I've ever seen.
I hate adverts on TV.
Have you seen that new advert for Nike sportswear?
I love looking at the adverts in expensive fashion magazines even though I can’t afford to buy the things in them.
He was reading job adverts all evening.
I looked at loads of hotel adverts on the internet to find the perfect place for a holiday.
It's a colourful advertisement
I like funny TV adverts with animals in them!
•the adverts on television •an advert in the local newspaper •in the advert •an advert for jeans •a full-page advert
I love it when adverts are creative!
He had failed to advert to the consequences that his conduct was having
The company that has prepared this advert has done a really good job.

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