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1. choke

Many old people choke to death while eating mochi.
You have to pace yourself or you'll choke halfway through.
He almost choked on his whiskey at the throat.
Children can choke on peanuts.
You'll need both hands to choke a goblin.
The mother of the bride almost choked on her salmon sandwich.
Anakin Skywalker began using Force chokes while he was still in his youth as a Jedi.
Try not to choke on that apple
She choked to ​death on a ​fish ​bone
The definition of choke is to cut off oxygen, to be unable to breath. hen you swallow wrong and you cannot breathe, this is an example of when you choke. After a little while, he choked out a few words.
if you choke, you feel as though you cannot breathe
the smog here is awful – you have to wear a mask or you’d choke on the fumes
Children can choke on peanuts. He was eating a steak nad a piece got stuck in his throat. He's choking.
Ruth almost choked on a mouthful of cake.
Carol couldn't choke back her tears.