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1. greasy greasy

My hair is greasy.
Raphael never minds how greasy his hair is.
His sleeve touched the greasy pan.
What is that greasy stuff on your shirt?
This food is greasy.
My hair gets greasy fast. Besides this proves that greasy food doesnt ruin your artery.
Consisting of bacon and cheese, the sandwich was quite greasy.
Avoid greasy dishes.
Although some designs are better than others, over- or undershooting your desired gear is common, and if you’re pedaling too fast or under too heavy a load, the chain can easily slip off the gears entirely, requiring a greasy manual adjustment.
Don't touch the photos with your greasy fingers!
fettig greasy food.
Don't touch my friend's laptop, your fingers are greasy.
Your hair looks really greasy.
The sink was piled high with greasy dishes.
The stylists, in all their pompous, branded majesty, doubted that the girl who had just approached them was fixable: her clothes were greasy, tattered, and devoid of rhinestones and logos.