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1. affluent affluent

The Astors are an affluent family.
Some of the houses in this affluent neighbourhood cost millions of pounds.
They live in a very affluent neighbourhood.
This is an affluent part of the city, houses are really expensive hear.
What I have in mind is how much worse things might’ve been if I weren’t affluent.
affluent families/neighbourhoods
Most people would say that Britain is an affluent society, particularly compared to third world countries.
someone who is affluent is very rich
In the 1980s the highest rates were found in affluent countries.
This is probably done more easily by affluent regions than by those less well-off.
The dictator enjoyed an affluent lifestyle while all around him the people were starving.
affluent society
Edward comes from a very affluent family.
He's an affluent businessman.
In an affluent society most people have a high standard of living.