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pasikarti in English:

1. hang out hang out

hang out with friends = spend time with friends
My favourite hang out
You can make a molecule that looks like this, and, you know, he likes to hang out with his buddies, right.
the kids just hang out at shopping centres after school
I don't know why he hangs out with James, they've got nothing in common.; Haven't you got anything better to do than hang out at the shopping centre?
Which pub does the team hang out at after the game? / He hangs out in the pub The Monarch; he's there most nights.
I often hang out with friends.
To spend some time with another person and do not do anything in particular. The kids just hang out at shopping centres after schools.
Where does he usually hang out?
this clock hang out on the wall
I'm just going to hang out here
Most teenagers like to hang out with their friends at the weekend instead of staying at home.
we could hang out some time in June.
It is too wet ot hang out the washing. I'll put in on the rediators
My son goes to the shopping mall to hang out with his friends.