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1. dissolve dissolve

The company was dissolved following the bankruptcy order.
A and B wish to dissolve their marriage
Salt dissolves in water.
Sugar will dissolve in a glass of water quickly.
King Charles II dissolved the parliament in July 1679.
I couldn't swallow this tablet. It was too big. I dissolved it in half a glass of water.
The business was unsuccessful and the partners dissolved the partnership last year.
Islam gives women equal rights to dissolve a marriage
Dissolve two ​spoons of ​powder in ​warm ​water. Parliament has been dissolved. They ​decided to dissolve the ​partnership.
dissolve this tablet in a glass of cold water
a society without gossip would simply dissolve
How long does sugar take to dissolve in coffee? Sugar takes only a matter of a few seconds to dissolve in coffee.
to dissolve Parliament
to dissolve a contract, a partnership
That mother fokker have dissolved my face with a bottle of acid.