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1. vocabulary vocabulary

Do you know a good way to memorize new vocabulary?
My German vocabulary list is up to two thousand words now.
She has a rich vocabulary of English words.
What's that vocabulary?
To extend your vocabulary read more books
If the more advanced want to improve English ability (especially reading comprehension) increasing vocabulary is the way to go.
Before adding a new sentence, please check that your sentence brings new vocabulary by searching the keywords.
The Korean vocabulary is composed of three components: native words, Sino-Korean words and loanwords.
Emotion counts above vocabulary in verbal communication.
Everyone can feed the database to illustrate new vocabulary.
I constantly improve my vocabulary. / I have limited vocabulary, but I work on expending it.
My Chinese vocabulary is not very large.
Reading helps to widen your vocabulary. I've got a lot of new vocabulary items to lern by tomorrow.
English is a global language with a very rich vocabulary.
Let's find sentences with new vocabulary on this topic, add them to the following list: _____; and translate them.