Georgian English Dictionary

ქართული - English

საშუალოდ in English:

1. On average

On average, women talk more than men. I earn $3000 on average.
Female workers earn, on average, a third less than men.
I earn 3000 dollars on average
Europeans live eighty years on average.
Polish couples have 2 kids on average
Can you drown in a river that is on average only 3 feet deep?
Flaw of averages: ‘on average’ the pond is only 1 meter (3ft) deep!
An example of on average is how many hours a week someone spends on the Internet.
Norwegian people, on average, live longer than other Europeans.
People who are optimistic live, on average, nine years longer than pessimistic people.
on average, I have six classes a day
It was reported that there were on average 19 fewer cars outside the school when the walking school bus was in operation.
We now have, on average, 60,000 guests a year.
The ticket costs 60 zloty on average.
on average