Georgian English Dictionary

ქართული - English

დაშინება in English:

1. Intimidate Intimidate

her intelligence to, intimidated many of her male collegues
she was intimidated into accepting the conditions
Don't let youself get intimidated by Peter. He's got no power over you - he's just your colleague not your boss.
Bullies want to intimidate people.
To intimidate, in other words, to make people fear them.
To imtimidate is defined as to frighten someone or to make someone be in awe of you, especially if you do so in order to get what you want. An example of intimidate is to act very tough to scare your enemies.
I felt so intimidated when I had to speak in public.
Did he intimidated you?
If you come her to intimidate me, you come to the wrong man.
How many children feel intimidated by the thought of starting school?
"the forts are designed to intimidate the nationalist population"
In Italy a Prime Minister is attempting to intimidate the opposition press by every means available.
In the last few years of the company's existence the recearch staff were constantly intimidated and set against each other.