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dokar in English:

1. gig

legendary gigs
I can't. I have a gig tomorrow.
What a gig they did!
Teaching ESL is usually a gig for losers and boozers.
Our first gig's next Friday night. / We've our first gig next week. / Just tell her the gig was phenomenal. / It was a simple gig.
Also, I had a classic entrepreneurship problem that some people have faced in that I had a pretty good gig as a non-entrepreneur.
Madonna's show? That must have been a gig!
They are doing about 30 gigs on their European tour
Quit gigging me!
I had a gig at Jack's bar, but that lasted only a week.
What I do for a living? I gig now and then here and there.
Figured I had this gig in the bag.
You know what his last gig was before this?
because of late night gigs with the band
Save for the cold in the hall, the gig was good.