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orageux in English:

1. squally

The autumn weather was squally.

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2. tempestuous

Even though their relationship has always been tempestuous, they still love each other.
Tatoeba is just Twitter for language nerds. I eagerly await tempestuous floods of snarky hashtags in every sentence.

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3. stormy

Mike is still recovering after a stormy relationship.
Their relationship was stormy,
It's stormy.
I think the weather will be stormy today.
It's hard to fall asleep on stormy summer nights.
I think it's dangerous to climb a mountain on a day when it's stormy.
We saw the boat tossing on the stormy sea.
stormy weather
We expect stormy days this fall.
Wet and stormy areas will get wetter and stormier.
The goat Mei, that hurried inside a mountain hut on a stormy night.
The day was stormy, and what was worse still, it was thundering.
A stormy life? It's fine to watch that kind of thing on TV but I wouldn't actually want to live it.
Mohandas soon began to love his wife, but it was a stormy marriage at first
It's going to be stormy next weekend.

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