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mode in English:

1. fashion fashion

It’s the latest fashion.
Fashion designers are breaking with tradition.
Fashion is not my specialty.
Some Italian fashion designers are saying that white bathing suits will catch on this year.
He loves fashion. He buys new clothes every week.
Fashion in the eighteenth century emphasized the bosom.
Impressive isn't it. A company that's only just been established but it's already got many outlets and is in fashion.
That's right. It's written in an unassuming fashion, and it's an ethical standpoint as well.
With its distinctive Chinese features, the qipao enjoys growing popularity in the international world of high fashion.
A lot has changed since the seventies, although long hair has still not quite gone out of fashion.
She was a girl of imposing appearance and winning manners. But this staggered him. If she were such a slave to fashion and observance, she was not the woman for his wife.
"Toilet paper hung in improper overhand fashion"?
However, a new type of humor, which stems largely from America, has recently come into fashion.
He pronounces English words in Spanish fashion because he is a Mexican.

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2. fad fad

Loose jackets are the latest fad.
this kind of tutoring is not just a passing fad
passing fad
The reason for this is that research is not a fad, but a necessity which guarantees the European economy's competitiveness at a global lev
managers' fad
How long you think this Internet fad is gonna last?
Cell phones are a popular new fad amongst teenagers these days
They were convinced that movies were only a passing fad.
There was a fad for wearing ripped jeans a few years ago.
The latest fad, though, is using the freeze-drying process on somewhat larger items: pets.

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