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l'examen in English:

1. exam exam

I failed the exam.
Don't forget to spend a little time looking over your notes before the exam.
The world history exam proved to be easier than I had expected.
Taking into account the time I'd just spent napping, I'm really picking up the sense that this time's exam really won't be straight forward.
I left Jeremy poring over his notes for his first accountancy exam tomorrow.
The publication of the exam results over without incident, for the time being attention is naturally going to focus on the summer break, right?
Nowadays, however, calculators can be used freely in school examinations, and already in many schools the only sound to be heard during a math exam is the sound of children tapping on their calculators.
Although he did well in the exam, his spoken Chinese is not necessarily as good as yours.
Your exam today will be very significant for your future.
Below, you can read the instructions you will be given during the final exam.
You got 120% on the physics exam? You could probably teach that class...
The more I study for an exam, the worse I do! I guess correlation does not imply causation.
Just as we were leaving the exam room the doctor waved his hand saying, 'bye-bye'.
If it doesn't get better after two weeks, you definitely must get a medical exam.
When one lucky spirit abandons you another picks you up. I just passed an exam for a job.

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2. test test

How was today's test?
He began to suspect something was wrong when the seller didn't allow him to test the item before buying it.
Somebody told me that today's test was identical to the one we had last year.
test all circuits
In 1967, an American sociologist called Stanley Milgram tried a new method to test the theory.
Tom and Mary gave exactly the same answers on the test which made the teacher suspicious.
At his final exam, Bob was really put through the wringer; the test covered everything that was in the course.
You should have the test done again. The result may have been a false positive.
For too long society has placed sole emphasis on children's test results, to the detriment of social discipline.
However, the duty of a student is to study. So if you neglect the end of term test, that's a "no!".
We recommend that mains water have a water-quality test carried out once a year, well water twice a year.
We have to be ready not only for a straightforward test of strength, but also for a struggle in which every strategy comes into play.
Your test papers must be handed in by Monday.
Albert is always trying his hand at something to test his own skill.
Please don't make so much noise. They are studying at the library for a very difficult test.

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