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sordo in English:

1. deaf deaf

Lots of old people become deaf.
He went deaf as a result of an accident.
He doesn't realise that he's tone deaf.
Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
The mayor of this city was blamed for turning a deaf ear to the people's requests.
Deaf people can converse in sign language.
Would you rather be blind or be deaf?
blind and deaf
My grandma always had poor hearing, but now she’s completely deaf.
Wisdom is necessary to understand wisdom: music does not exist to a deaf audience.
Koko knows and uses more than 500 words in sign language, the language of deaf people.
I think Mum’s going a bit deaf.
Are you deaf or something?
My grandfather is starting to go deaf.
Snakes are -to a certain extent- deaf, but can still hear very low sounds and are very sensitive to smells.

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