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soler in English:

1. to be in the habit of

English word "soler"(to be in the habit of) occurs in sets:

Basic Verbs - Verbos Básicos

2. tend to

Polish people tend to do more than one thing at a time
You will find that younger people tend to buy brighter colours.
I tend to keep myself to myself.
I tend to see things that others cannot,
I tend to wait for films to come out on cable
I tend to eat breakfasts.
I tend to be inquisitive.
I tend to wear dark colours. July and August tend to be our busiest months.
People tend to need less sleep as they get older.
Can you please tend to my children?
I tend to forget to do my homework.
Men tend to talk about fewer subjects.
When I'm tired I tend to make mistakes.
I tend to...
Models tend to travel a lot