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reunirse in English:

1. get together get together

In front of city hall people get together.
let's get together and tolk about it.
Those two should get together. They have a lot in common.
We must get together for a drink.
Do you think that Phoebe and Joey will finally get together?
we get together with my school friends often
Maybe we could get together some time and talk about it. (Może moglibyśmy się kiedyś zebrać i porozmawiać o tym.) Why don't we get together outside of work? (Dlaczego nie gromadzimy się wspólnie poza pracą?)
Why don't we get together outside of work?
Let’s get together for a chat tomorrow.
They both work long hours, so they get together late at night.
People get together in front of city hall.
Let's get together at the weekend
Shall we try to get together for dinner next weekend?
On what occasions do friends get together? Friends get together at a party, to play cards, to go on an excursion.
It will by nice to get together

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