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pisar in English:

1. to step on something

English word "pisar"(to step on something) occurs in sets:

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2. to step

3. tread

The wine is still made by treading grapes in the traditional way.
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
In order to swim, you have to learn to tread water first.
Don't tread on the grass.
We heard his heavy tread in the corridor. Sam trod reluctantly up the stairs. I kept treading on her toes while we were dancing.
I ​kept treading on his ​toes when we were ​dancing. Yuck! Look what I've just trodden in!
See how the tire is completely worn out, with hardly any tread left?
In some regions people still traditionally tread grapes to make wine.
You know I am not born to tread in the beaten track — the peculiar bent of my nature pushes me on.
When a tire loses its tread, it's time to buy a new one.

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4. to walk on

English word "pisar"(to walk on) occurs in sets:

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5. tread on

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