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1. to chop

Chop the carrots and add some lemon juice.
To chop into small pieces.
Why does chopping onions always make me cry?
przykład ze słówkiem

kitchen in Spanish - cocina en Español

2. sting

She got stung by a bee while she was sitting in the garden.
a bee sting
be stung by a bee, wasp

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3. to mince

You can mince almost any kind of meat.
[verb] - to cut meat, or other food, into very small pieces, sometimes using a special machine

Cocina y Cocción - Kitchen and Cooking

4. nibble

She nibbled the chocolate biscuits to avoid eating too many
She took a nibble of her cookie.
She was nibbling at potatoes, apparently troubled by something important
Since the bread was in her hand now, she nibbled.
We nibbled cheese and crackers. We nibbled on some cheese and crackers before dinner.

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5. to nibble on

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