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perdón in English:

1. pardon pardon

I beg your pardon?
Pardon me?
Tom asked his girlfriend to pardon him for forgetting her birthday.
Pardon me, do you speak English?
Pardon me, is that seat taken?
Tom usually says "Pardon my French" whenever he swears.
He prostrated himself and begged my pardon.
His style (if you were to call it that) was excessively (though I run the risk of hypocrisy) parenthetical (pardon the pun).
Pardon all but thyself.
Why not apologize and ask for his pardon?
The president granted a general pardon.
Pardon me, would you explain to me the importance of this phrase?
Sorry? Pardon?
I was pardoned
The new president has pardoned political prisoners. She was granted a presidential pardon.

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