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peluquero in English:

1. barber barber

Go to the barber.
A barber is a man who shaves and cuts men's hair.
I had my hair cut at the barber shop yesterday.
The barber gave him a haircut.
In a town with only one barber, who shaves the barber?
Is there a barber shop in the hotel?
A barber cuts your hair.
He had his hair cut by a barber.
barber shop
In 2005 he was involved in a lawsuit with an ex-barber.
They are good barbers
Your barber is shaving you too close, I wish you'd talk to him.
Sometimes Tim went to the barber’s for a professional shave.
Shave men's beards and cut men's hair. They work in a barbers
He is the best barber in this area.

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2. hairdresser hairdresser

She always has her hair done by a famous hairdresser.
Is there a hairdresser in the hotel?
I went to the hairdresser's to have my hair cut but they had no appointments.
She's a hairdresser. She cuts hair.
A hairdresser does your hair.
I've just had my hair cut by the best hairdresser in town.
I need to make an appointment with my hairdresser this week
I’m a hairdresser. I cut people’s hair.
She is a hairdresser
I went to the hairdresser's last weekend.
I'm going to change my hairdresser.
I go monthly to the hairdresser.
The hairdresser cut the guest's hair.

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