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1. palm palm

Rachel had been carrying heavy shopping bags which made the skin on the palms of her hands rough and dry.
Tom had his palm read.
Rough skin on the palms is not attractive.
Place a coin in the palm of his hand.
That politician won't meet you unless you grease his palm.
This time, so I don't run out of things to talk about, I'll write a list on the palm of my hand.
Be like the palm tree - the more it gets pressed by the cliff, the quicker and more beautiful its rise to the top.
There are no palms in Poland, but there are some in Greece.
Gotta be able to palm a basketball
People say that the lines on your palm show your future.
He was nervous and his palms were all sweaty. He palmed the penny he stole from my purse.
The palms of her hands were sweaty.
We’ll be able to read the football results on the palm of our gloves.
The captain slapped his palm on the desk.
Don't try to cover the whole sky with the palm of your hand.

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