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motor in English:

1. engine engine

The Wright brothers succeeded in flying an airplane driven by an engine.
Horses used to pull road-rollers, but the steamroller arrived with the invention of the steam engine.
petrol engine
We had the the procedures done yesterday but unfortunately, the machine won't be in operation until the engine is replaced.
Open source is the engine that drives technological innovation.
Let's hope this boat engine doesn't give up the ghost when we're halfway to Hawaii.
You may have to wait several weeks until a sentence you added is indexed by the search engine.
When he tried to back into the garage, he mistakenly gunned the engine and backed into the wall.
The new Tatoeba website will use a home-made "hyper" database, a "made-from-scratch" search engine, and will run on a tatoebux-OS server with a tatoetel CPU made entirely out of tatoebium.
Kentaro was tired and moreover his car's engine had got hot so he stopped driving.
That Jordan replaced the main engine in this experiment is self-evident.
A feature of this new car is that if a drunk person is driving, the engine won't start.
“Yandex” search engine started supporting Tatar language too.
I’m a bit afraid of buying a used engine, but this is probably what I will have to do.
What do you have to remember to do when you start the engine and want to move?

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2. mover mover

So far, movers seem to have better jobs and health care. It is full of movers these days.
I hired a mover to help us relocate to our new home.

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