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1. seton

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2. turn on

switch on (lights, a radio, etc.) (opp: turn off)/He turned the radio on.
turn on the radio / TV
turn on the radio, please
şalteri kaldırmak, açmak

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3. kindle

As a teacher he was able not only to impart knowledge, but to kindle enthusiasm.
Her imagination was kindled by the exciting stories her grandmother told her.
The sunset kindled the skies.
Uncivilized people use the friction of two pieces of wood to kindle a fire.
We have to kindle our involvement in this project.

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4. switch on

Switch on the TV, there's weather forecast in few minutes.
Switch on the light, it’s dark in here.
Switch on the radio and listen to the news.
Switch on the radio.
Switch the video on first, then put the tape inside.

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