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destornillador in English:

1. screwdriver screwdriver

I fixed my car by screwdriver.
I borrowed the screwdriver from a friend of mine.
This screwdriver is too small to be any use.
The thief used a screwdriver to break into the car.
My dad need screwdriver.
She would never be able to get at the mobile, unless she had screwdriver and a ladder
I used the screwdriver very offen
She used the screwdriver to force open the first one.
Pam bought a screwdriver for her carpentry course.
We put in and take out screws with a screwdriver.
I put the screws in using a manual screwdriver.
Where've you stuck my flat-head screwdriver?!
I used a screwdriver to turn the screw, but it just didn't want to turn.

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