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destacar in English:

1. stand out stand out

Men like to stand out.
This pink wig makes you stand out in the crowd.
We stand out with flexibility. It helps to stand out from a crowd
to be much better or more important than somebody/something. Four points stand out as being more important than the rest.
stand out from the crowd
Why does he try to stand out so much?
Do the troubled nations stand out for having unusually large welfare states?
Her bright clothes always make her stand out in a crowd.
"We wanted to make her stand out from the other teachers."
I’m sure your blue hair will make you stand out and get noticed!
I am going to cut layers around her face, to make her beautiful eyes stand out
employees rave about three perks in particular that make it stand out
He uses the phrasal verb to stand out - it means to be more visible than others in a group so that he can be noticed.
Job seekers need to make their application stand out.
He was a very quiet, shy child, and didn’t stand out at all.

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