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delgado in English:

1. thin thin

Stay thin.
Aren't you stretched pretty thin already?
I think fashion models today are too thin.
If you want to become thin, you should cut back on the between-meal snacks.
Who would have thought that she could be so thin and small?
At night, I put my bell pepper plants at the open window, so they can harden off a bit before I plant them outside, cause now they still have such thin stems.
The thin line between sanity and madness has gotten finer.
Fiber-optic cables are made up of tiny glass fibers which are as thin as human hairs.
The French are a really strange people: every other person who reads this sentence will check if the space before the colon is really thin and non-breaking.
She wore such thin clothes that she might well catch a cold.
In the carriage sat a gentleman, not attractive, but also not unattractive, not too fat nor too thin; one could not call him old, but he also was not too young.
It's a lot too thin that our henpecked husband in fact hooked up the wallflower.
No matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloney.
He had a little piano on wheels, and a poor thin monkey which sat on top of it.
The submarine had to break through a thin sheet of ice to surface.

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2. thinly thinly

They came from all over the world to make their homes in this new land, which was thinly populated by native Indians.
I like to spread my toast thinly with jam.

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3. spidery spidery

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4. slim slim

There's little chance of keeping slim, unless you stick to a diet.
If you want to be slim, follow this diet.
Chances of promotion are slim in this firm.
She went on a diet to get slim for her wedding.
She's slim.
Therefore I'm giving up for now. I'll still try to check out other possibilities but ... I think hopes are slim.
He is one of those slim people who can eat anything they want.
The odds are slim to none that the true conspirators will be found.
A man called Slim was killed in the accident.
There's only a slim chance that anyone survived the crash.
I'm out of slims. I've gotta get some.
I simply love slim girls!
Those who wish to be slim do not necessarily have to starve.
If I ate less, I would have been slimmer.
Although she isn't very slim she looks attractive

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