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cuidar in English:

1. look after look after

We need to find someone to look after the kids when we're out tomorrow evening.
If you have a pet you have to look after it.
I look after children.
Nurses look after patients in hospital.
I’ve got one or two things I’d like you to look after
We look after Rodney's kids after school.
When Mary is away, I look after her cats.
to take care of someone by helping them, giving them what they need, or keeping them safe. Don't worry, I'll look after the kids tomorrow.
take care of sb/sth/I look after her dog.
Who is going to look after our guests tonight?
We look after you from the day you arrive.
Grandparents look after their grandchildren when their parents are at Toastmasters.
to look after a child and teach them until they are old enough to look after themselves
A babysitter's job is to look after a child when the parents have to go to work.
Bank is a place where people look after your money.

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