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cinta in English:

1. tape tape

My fingers are bandaged with white tape.
The governor cut the tape and opened the new bridge.
adhesive/sticky tape
tape recorder
Hand back the tape tomorrow.
Wrap the wire in electrical tape.
Extra special treatment is imperative to get the vessel through government red tape, so that she can leave port on time.
Our firm is a giant one, and there are some rules and regulations, which should be revised or rescinded to reduce red tape and increase efficiency.
Every government office seems to have problems in expediting matters without entanglement in its red tape system.
Once you break the seal, you can't return the tape.
The tape having been replayed, the referee conceded that the ball had crossed the line.
In my work, I sometimes simply determine an area with a tape measure.
Record the broadcast on tape.
John lent me some of his Coldplay tapes.
ell her I'll make her a mix tape.

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