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agradecido in English:

1. thankful thankful

Being deeply thankful, he tried to express his thanks.
I am very thankful to you for your advice.
I am thankful for my children.
We are thankful for your kindness.
I am thankful for the food I eat.
Tom is thankful that Mary came to help.
Tom is extremely thankful to Mary for her help.
I was thankful that the meeting didn't last long, because I had a train to catch.
Hw as thankful to her for helping him to find a new job.
We are so thankful for all the support we received.
She was thankful that her husband had returned safe.
I know you're complaining about your car being totaled but it's just a good thing you weren't injured. You should be thankful to be alive.
He was far from thankful to his former teacher.
I'm thankful to you for your helping me with my homework.

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2. appreciative appreciative

He isn't appreciative of my little jokes.
It would seem that the House is appreciative. appreciative comments; we're very appreciative of the support
I'm appreciative of all the support you've given me.
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