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1. self employed self employed

2. world world

Small world!
Gerhard Schroeder is the first German chancellor not to have lived through World War II.
Hello! Fancy meeting you here! It's a small world, isn't it?
Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.
In some areas of the world, you can still get sued if you slander or libel a deceased person.
World War II came to an end in the 20th year of the Showa era.
So much has happened. It's as if the whole world is flipped upside down.
Selena Gomez and the Scene also had good luck with their first album, "Kiss and Tell." It has sold more than a million copies around the world.
Japanese cultured pearls have come to monopolise as much as 60% of the world pearl market.
World history is required for graduation.
WHO stands for World Health Organization.
The data cited in King's research is taken from UNESCO's 1970 white paper on world population.
In many parts of the world, there is not enough food to meet everyone's needs.
I don't like a world where things change so slowly.
Japan's exports to the entire world topped $314 billion in 1998.

3. to make a journey and visit new places to make a journey and visit new places

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4. travel travel

I often travel.
If you always travel by subway, you seldom surface other than at your stop.
Space travel will be commonplace some time in the future.
My aim is to learn enough English so I don't need to carry a dictionary with me when I travel.
I have many visas in my passport because I travel a lot for my job.
No matter where you may travel, be sure to phone me once a week.
When you travel abroad, you need change in the currency of the country you are visiting to pay for a taxi, a cup of coffee or a tip.
They were determined to travel the length of Vietnam in just eight days.
In the absence of my travel partner, I took several solo trips.
We can travel through time. And we do at the remarkable rate of one second per second.
It's not clear right now whether time travel is really something that exists in reality but its possibility has been proven by theoretical physics.
We will arrange travel expenses for trips for research purposes, so go to whatever country you want to.
Putting my traveling experience to good use, I started a travel agency.
The train was full, so she was obliged to travel second-class, and had to stand all the way.
But light does not travel at the same speed through all materials; it goes slower through some than through others.

5. get around get around

It's difficult to get around London by car.
What's the cheapest way to get around?
People will find ways to get around the new law. If you want to do business, you'll have to find ways to get around the system.
The best way to get around the city is by taxi - they’re very cheap here.
How do you get around in the town?
You can’t get around the fact that smoking kills.
We had to use public transport to get around.
Do you know how to get around this regulation without having problems?

6. general word to say i go somewhere general word to say i go somewhere

7. travelled travelled

I travelled around Europe.
For 381 days, the buses of Montgomery travelled back and forth on their routes, almost empty.
I travelled to Tokyo right away; it was past noon when I saw my uncle.
To start with the film crew travelled around the country looking for locations.
Do you remember the time when we were children, and travelled on a train?

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8. is is

Is he sleeping?
Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others that have been tried.
The library is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Water is liquid. When it freezes, it becomes solid.
From year to year, pollution is worsening.
I'd like to make a call to Tokyo, Japan. The number is 3202-5625.
According to this magazine, the economic situation in Japan is getting worse year by year.
Officially it is his responsibility, but in fact his secretary does all the work.
It is very difficult to persuade people to change their life style.
You cannot enter the museum. It is currently under repair.
My interest in politics is strictly academic.
The government's economic policy is credited for Japan's postwar economic success.
It is because light travels faster than sound that we see lightning before we hear thunder.
Zürich is considered to be a major financial hub.
A good biography is interesting and instructive.

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