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tough in English:

1. difficult to do or deal with

English word "tough"(difficult to do or deal with) occurs in sets:

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2. difficult

It's too difficult.
It may seem like a minor thing to you, but for a lot of people this is really difficult to do.
Last night was very hot and muggy and it was difficult to sleep.
After a certain point, everything became a little more difficult.
It is difficult to love somebody when it's not clear whether or not the other person loves you the same way.
A good password should be difficult to guess, but easy to remember.
I agree with the ban in principle, but in practice it will be extremely difficult.
Anyway, I'm glad you were able to broach this difficult subject.
It's not as difficult to find a native speaker to help you with your language studies as it used to be.
Getting food to Fort Sumter would be a very difficult job.
A person who makes an easy matter sound difficult does not seem to be so smart.
Cutting a cake into equal pieces is rather difficult.
We're studying chemistry. Our lessons aren't difficult.
He just naturally avoids everything that is intense, difficult or strenuous.
In legal documents, difficult words and phrases are often used.

3. difficult to do or to deal with

English word "tough"(difficult to do or to deal with) occurs in sets:

Synonyms for the adjective "difficult"
Synonyms for the adjective "difficult"

4. very difficult

English word "tough"(very difficult) occurs in sets:

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5. difficult or involving problems

English word "tough"(difficult or involving problems) occurs in sets:

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6. meat or other food which is hard and difficult to cut

7. difficult difficult or involving problems

English word "tough"(difficult difficult or involving problems) occurs in sets:


8. tender

This beef is tender.
She has a tender heart.
My father was no less affectionate and tender to me than my mother was.
Would God, I were the tender apple blossom, That floats and falls from off the twisted bough, To lie and faint within your silken bosom, Within your silken bosom as that does now.
My breasts are tender.
The rough material hurt the child's tender skin.
Old cows eat tender grass.
The petals of this rose are very tender.
He is at once strict and tender.
He seems to be bankrupt of all tender feeling.
She is a tender girl of questionable morals.
I hereby tender my resignation.
Nothing seems so tender to me as an old couple walking down the street holding hands.
His voice was full of tender concern.
Yukiko is an innocent girl of tender years.

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9. synonym to strong

English word "tough"(synonym to strong) occurs in sets:

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10. difficult to cut or eat


He finally agreed to come, albeit unwillingly.
He is only an up-market interior decorator, albeit a rather good one.
albeit just for a couple of days
He tried, albeit without success.
he was making progress, albeit rather slowly
Indeed, there is an improvement every year, albeit only a slight one.
There is an improvement every year, albeit only a slight one.
The ​evening was very ​pleasant, albeit a little ​quiet.
Some women actually accepted Pope's view, albeit with sorrow.
So Europe is reacting, albeit slowly, but better late than never.
It was amazing computer, albeit expensive
It was an amazing computer, albeit expensive.
Water, Water Everywhere Almost two thousand years later, in 1896, San Francisco entrepreneur and mayor Adolph Sutro opened his own public baths, albeit on a much grander scale.
Many software companies offer free versions of their products, albeit with limited functionality.

12. hard to break

13. hard

Study hard.
A pick is a long handled tool used for breaking up hard ground surfaces.
The hard rain spoiled our hike through the woods.
Mary has a bad back. It's hard for her to lift things.
I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find another place to live.
He's somewhat hard of hearing, so please speak louder.
It is hard for an old man to change his way of thinking.
His success is attributed more to hard work than to genius.
Whether you succeed or not depends on how hard you study.
A chance to do as we please, especially to do as little hard work as possible, is a secret desire of almost everybody.
Please don't boil the eggs so hard.
Many people in these parts have fallen on hard times.
Just staying alive in these times is hard enough.
My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it's going to explode.
The reason for your failure is that you did not try hard enough.