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succeed in English:

1. come off come off

My view is if they are volunteering to come on this scheme, and for whatever reason they come off, then they go back onto benefits
I'm afraid thet deal didn't come off after all.
This stain won't come off.
If a patch does begin to come off, you may be able to make it stick again by pressing on it firmly.
Despite all his planning the deal didn't come off.
I'm afraid that deal didn't come off after all.
She’d come off her new bike and hurt her knee.
when you come off a motorway, you move onto the special road for traffic that wants to leave the motorway. You say that a car came off the road if the driver lost control and the car went onto the pavement or side of the road
The plan might come off
"this was a bold experiment which did not come off" synonyms: succeed, be successful, be a success, pan out, work, turn out well, work out, go as planned, produce the desired result, get results;
the crumb come off rolls
The deal didn't come off after all

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