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perform in English:

1. carry out

Do (survey, investigation, research, review, plan, threat) When you carry something out, you do a task. It's going to be difficult to carry out that plan.
I hope she will carry out her research as it may be a real breakthrough.
I asked my brother to help me carry out the repairs on my roof.
carry out
I'm afraid she's got too many duties to carry out.
The researchers carry out laboratory tests. I lost the bet and had to carry out my side of the bargain.
I was elected to carry out a program, the governor said, and I have every intention of carrying it out.
carry out an experiment; carrying out research; According to witnesses, the robbery was carried out by two teenage boys.
soldiers have to carry out their orders without asking any questions
"We must go beyond good intentions and carry out results-oriented evaluation. "
Please pay attention in order to carry out the task properly.
The specialist explained that the procedure he wanted to carry out had been very successful in Europe.
Doctors will carry out more tests to find out what the problem is.
I would have found another way to carry out my plan. What money will he use to carry out his plan?
How many tests do you have to carry out?

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