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1. keen keen

David has a keen interest in aesthetics — the qualities that make a painting, sculpture, musical composition, or poem pleasing to the eye, ear, or mind.
keen on something
A fence between makes love more keen.
Competition is very keen in the car industry.
Boeing, which builds more than half the world's commercial airliners, is understandably keen to draw attention to what can go wrong besides planes.
Japanese parents are not keen to talk about their own children.
bank was keen to build long term customer thrust.
They were very keen to start work as soon as possible.
She always look for extra work to do- she's very keen.
a. The butcher’s keen knife cut through the meat.
As a keen cyclist I am especially pleased by the provisions for carrying bicycles on the train.
They were very keen to start work as soon as possible.; Joan wanted to go to a movie but I wasn't keen (= I didn't want to go).; She's a keen tennis player.; She's keen on (playing) tennis.
meets a unique set of obstacles, but Campbell’s keen insight was that the outline of these stories is
He has become keen on Italian food since visiting Rome.
Hounds hunt by their keen scent.

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2. depend

A man's happiness doesn't depend on what he has, but on what he is.
Now that she has quit her job, we can't depend on her.
We depend on foreign nations for our natural resources.
Let us stop to think how much we depend upon atomic energy.
The inhabitants of the city depend upon the river for drinking water.
It depend.
It's OK now. Don't worry. You can depend on me one hundred percent.
When bears sleep or lie down, their postures depend on whether they want to get rid of heat or conserve it.
Your success will largely depend upon how you will make good use of your opportunity.
The insurance payments depend on the use intended (work or leisure).
Many U.S. politicians depend on contributions from fat cats for their campaigns.
It is generally assumed that fundamental constants such as c have the same value throughout spacetime, meaning that they do not depend on location and do not vary with time.
Are your parents going to buy you an iPod?' 'It depends whether I pass my exams or not.'
Private universities do not depend on government’s support.
Our museum's depends on your money. You can depend on me.

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3. attack

If UFOs were to attack the earth, what would become of us?
A racist attack.
To keep holding the barrier up is just to wait for death! So we're going to go out past the wall and counter attack the enemy, you ready!?
Pac-Man, when a certain condition is reached, can counter attack and eat the monsters chasing him.
In Germany today, anti-violence rallies took place in several cities, including one near Hamburg where three Turks were killed in an arson attack on Monday.
The talented young chess player is very bold. He deliberately lays himself open to attack, makes himself vulnerable and then checkmates his opponent when least expected.
The mythical Kraken, thick as a ship and three times as wide, once made an attack on Christopher Columbus's fleet... giving Columbus no choice but to eat him.
Declaring war after a surprise attack is to be expected, but killing over ten thousand non-combatants with a bomb is something unheard of.
My grandmother died of a heart attack. / An unknown group of criminals carried out a series of attacks on public property.
When he openly declared he would marry Pablo, he almost gave his grandmother a heart attack and made his aunt's eyes burst out of their sockets; however, his little sister beamed with pride.
The Department of Homeland Security's primary function is the prevention of terrorist attacks occurring within America and, in the extreme case of an attack happening, holding losses to the smallest possible level and swiftly carrying out restoration.
I'm not going to get into a battle of wits with you; I never attack anyone who's unarmed.
Seeing the face of his wife covered in green spots, he had a heart attack. Yet another victim of the killer cucumber!

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4. on

It's so hot that you could cook an egg on the hood of a car.
If you don't want to put on sunscreen, that's your problem. Just don't come complaining to me when you get a sunburn.
on the table
I think it's dangerous to climb a mountain on a day when it's stormy.
We pigged out on pizza and chicken at lunchtime.
The background check on Tom turned up suspiciously little.
Tom boiled some eggs on the rocket stove that he had just built.
Tom lives on a farm with his wife, Mary, not too far from Boston.
You walk on and I'll catch up with you later.
He knows that his critics are waiting to pounce on any slip that he makes.
People often lie about what they did on the weekend, so their friends won't realize how boring they really are.
Even though there were many cookies on the dish, I only ate three.
A bust of Aristotle stands on a pedestal in the entryway.
If it's okay for her to buy a knife, then why on earth can't I?
On Friday evenings, a group of us with spouses working overseas meet at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

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5. influence

The influence of the strong yen on the Japanese economy has become very serious.
Their influence becomes greater every day, but they are uncreative and can't make value judgements.
Make a good translation of the sentence that you are translating. Don't let translations into other languages influence you.
direct influence
It would not be an exaggeration to say that Augustine's thought had an influence not only on Christianity but on the whole of Western thought.
And with all their charms they are not of a kind to maintain their influence over us for any length of time, when we know that they are nonentities.
And they will continue to influence the world through the excitement of their literature, movies and music.
It has been demonstrated in various researches that the private sector has little influence over policy making.
For some companies their treatment of their employees or clients at any given time could affect their share prices and so inevitably have a great influence on the company’s success or failure.
In this paper I would like to examine the notion of "dyad style" and its influence on fine arts.
Patterns of freeze-up and breakup influence the distribution and number of seals, the polar bear's main prey.
Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority.
Let us consider in this connection the influence of Western ideologies on Korean literature.
Can you influence them in any way? Maybe they will change their minds?
How does the place where you live influence what you buy?

6. insist

Insist on the best.
You're playing with fire if you insist on riding your motorcycle without a helmet on.
Come in. I insist.
Why do you insist on paying for your school expenses yourself, when your parents are willing to give you financial support?
Some people insist that television does more harm than good.
It will make most Americans uncomfortable if you insist on their accepting expensive gifts.
It never occurred to me that he might insist on treating me to dinner.
If you insist, I'll have another drink.
Many Americans insist that immigrants speak English, but wouldn't a true language purist insist on Old English, wynns, thorns, edhs and all?
We insist that during the next three days you make decisions which are fair to all generations and which show an active concern for the environment.
And that's why for almost a hundred years, any employee has been able to go to his employer and insist on being paid in cash.
Not to harp on the same string, I still insist that those who drink should never drive.
Smart single women were insisting that every lover used a condom for protection from AIDS ans STDs.
She insisted on me having a rest. / She insisted that I (should) have a rest.
To say firmly that something is true, especially when other people do not believe you. Mia insisted that she and Carlo were just friends.

7. concentrate

You only need to concentrate.
Don't look out the window. Concentrate on your work.
You should concentrate on one thing and learn to do it well.
Settle down for a while and concentrate.
A good ballboy or ballgirl must be able to concentrate hard and run fast.
If you concentrate all your energies on the study of English, you will master the language.
Why did you wake me up to tell me something that big? Now, I'll never be able to concentrate on my work!
Rejecting the urging of his physician father to study medicine, Hawking chose instead to concentrate on mathematics and physics.
It's good to be able to concentrate single-mindedly on your work, but you're completely ignoring the people around you.
The average man fails not because he lacks ability, but because he lacks ability to concentrate.
Does it take a lot of effort to concentrate if
I find it hard to concentrate after a big meal.
Sometimes it's difficult for me to concentrate at work on Friday afternoons.
At this moment in time, we cannot concentrate on one of these two issues alone.
The municipal council should concentrate more on specific issues.

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8. ban

I agree with the ban in principle, but in practice it will be extremely difficult.
He asked the officials to lift the ban.
President Jefferson ordered a ban on trade with Europe.
An international trade ban could be the last straw for that country's economy.
Do you think they will ban fur coats?
I banned computer games.
The local school board would go to any length to ban that book.
There are movements to try to ban TV advertising.
Shoes ... many courses ban shoes with spikes, so take care.
I heard that Isezaki city decided to ban beards for male city employees starting June 19. It's the complete opposite of the Taliban laws imposing the wearing of beards.
Together with Britain, France may ban imports of waste from Germany.
Barack Obama is aiming for an international ban on nuclear weapons, but is not against them in all wars.
I think that photography in museums should be banned.
Some people think there should be a ban on fast food, because it is so unhealthy.
Is it mere coincidence that "banality", when anagrammed, reads "Ban Italy"?

9. effect

The medicine took effect.
CO₂ has a lot to do with the so-called greenhouse effect.
The Doppler effect is also observed with light and with radiant energy in general.
This sort of structure is called a double negative, but in effect it shows affirmation.
A scientist had to know how to ask the correct question and to state it so clearly that the answer would be, in effect, a definite yes or no, not "maybe".
Penis enlargement supplements, as sold on sites and in magazines, have essentially no effect.
They said something to the effect of ‘I’m going in the same direction so, I’ll call a taxi and then why don’t you ride with me?’
In music or speaking, a pause is frequently used for dramatic effect.
In order to live happily and healthily with parakeets or parrots, you should understand the science of animal behavior for domesticated birds, and consider the emotional effect of eventually losing them.
Everyone loves to hear praise, but over-praise has the opposite effect of sounding insincere.
Carpets have the effect of a dust pocket, with merit of sucking up dust and stopping it flying around, but you can say that effect backfires.
The answer lies in the effect of stress on two paricular parts of the brain
David’s parents were doctors and they had been studying the effects of the operation on the brain for years.
I wonder what effect technical advances such as the Internet, mobile phones and digitalization technology have on the people's awareness, actions and interest in politics.
What? Pharamp asked. "Nothing," Sysko lied, "we were talking about the effect of Confucianism on modern Chinese socialism."