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1. divorce divorce

When we hear of a divorce we assume that it was caused by the inability of those two people to agree upon fundamentals.
Two whole pages of the newspaper were devoted to the news of the royal divorce.
The divorce was finalized this morning at the attorney's office.
I hear their marriage is on the rocks and they'll probably file for divorce soon.
I would rather divorce him.
Among married couples, there has been an increase in divorce and separation with the result that there are many more one-parent families.
They move from place to place, often change jobs, divorce more frequently, and take economic and social risks which seem dangerous.
For him, divorce is a good invention, with one sole disadvantage: you have to get married first.
I'll not divorce you, unless you give me a good reason.
My husband got the hots for a Canadian and is threatening me with divorce.
Even disaster is better than such a divorce between emotion and action.
Can't you divorce fantasy from reality?
Compared with those in America, Japanese marriages rarely end in divorce.
Jeff and Mia are making a last ditch effort to avoid a divorce.
It is certain that the increase of divorce will lead to anxiety between couples, parents and children.

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2. Dissolution Dissolution

She filed for the dissolution of her contract only one week after singning it.
There came to him a presentiment of his early dissolution.
Justice without mercy is cruelty; mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution.
Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

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3. termination of marriage termination of marriage

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4. split up split up

When did you split up with Marco?
My parents split up last year.
I'm not with Susan any more, we split up two weeks ago.
They split up after years of marriage.
She split up with her boyfriend, ponieważ się kłócili. She broke up with her boyfriend.
They decided to split up after 20 years of marriage.
It's been two years since they split up.
She split up with her boyfriend last week.
After 30 years toether my parents decided to split up
Ross and Rachel split up
I'm not with Ann any more, we split up two weeks ago.
Let's split up now and meet again at lunchtime.
My parents split up when I was three.
When people split up with someone, they often tear up their photographs.
My sister and herboyfriend split up last month