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deliver in English:

1. to provide to make a speech to provide to make a speech

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2. to take something to a place to take something to a place

English word "deliver"(to take something to a place) occurs in sets:

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3. hand in hand in

I've decided to hand in my resignation
When i hand in my papers at the endof an exam i feel relieved that it's over.
He hand in his homework to his teacher.
‘Please hand in your homework tomorrow,’ said the teacher.
Can you hand in your homework, please?
When James was at university he always used to hand in his essays on time.
Please finish writing and hand in the poems.
if you hand in something such as your homework, you give it to your teacher. If you hand in your resignation or your notice, you tell your employer that you are going to leave your job
[Please hand in your keys when you leave the hotel. // All essays must be handed in by Tuesday.]
All students had to hand in their essays by Friday.
When will you hand in your assignment?
hand in an essay
We should hand in our essays by Friday

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4. to say something formally to say something formally

5. bring and hand over bring and hand over

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