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1. cell cell

My cell phone doesn't work.
English studies on the use of cell phones by young people show truly worrying situations, in which a person between the ages of six and twenty sends an average of twenty nine messages, receives fifteen, and makes nine calls each day.
The Internet, cell phones, or digitization... What effects will the technological evolution have on people's opinions, behavior, and political interests?
Much of the riots' coverage was taken from the cell phones of passersby, saving local news outlets valuable film which they would later use for banal "human" "interest" "stories."
Every person in this community is like a cell in the immune system of a healthy human body.
Brightening the display on most cell phones reduces their battery life significantly.
Governments, in order to teach how to enjoy cell phones without being controlled by them, have established behavior rules that limit their use in public places, such as in churches, in schools, or during tests.
You can see cells if you use a microscope.
Why is it so difficult to establish that the nervous cell is the basic unit for the nervous tissue?
A nerve cell responds to a slight stimulus.
Remember to enter the data into the right cells when working on the Excel spreadsheet.
‘Good stress’ can aid proteins that repair cells.
The cells began to divide rapidly.
A cell is the smallest independent living unit.
On our first date he popped out his cell phone and started texting someone. I couldn't believe it!

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2. cellular

I want a cellular phone, but I don't have enough money to pay for one.
I want a cellular phone.

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3. ward

The talisman he's wearing is supposed to ward off evil spirits.
I ran into him a few days later on one of the medical wards.
The child was made a ward of the state.
How long does it take to go to the Toshima Ward Office?
The hospital ordered a disinfection of the ward after dangerous bacteria was discovered there.
Surgeon is working on the ward.
Ten years ago the ward office gave us ballpoint pens on the Coming of Age Day.
Krista's curt, businesslike tone put off her clients at the maternity ward, especially on their special days.
maternity ward
A ward is a room in a hospital.
A ward is a big room with beds in a hospital where patients receive medical treatment.
Where is B ward?
The children’s ward was closed off to hospital visitors.
she was put in a geriatric ward
In order to buy a car, you must show the ward office proof of parking space.

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4. a small room in a prison or police station where prisoners are kept

5. flowery dell

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