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zurzeit in English:

1. at the moment

I’m busy at the moment.
I`m doing my homework at the moment.
Betty is cooking at the moment.
There's too much going on at the moment.
I can't speak to you at the moment.
We are very sorry, but the book is not available at the moment. You could come back next week. Chances are we will have it.
I wonder what they are doing at the moment.
What are you reading at the moment?
I've got a lot of work at the moment.
She can't go to the cinema with us, because she is busy at the moment.

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2. at the time

greeted with skepticism at the time
I missed the birth of my first child. I was on a plane at the time.
If had known at the time that... The president at the time
We wanted to visit him yesterday, but he was out of the office at the time.

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