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verletzen in English:

1. injure injure

Excessive smoking will injure your health.
You may injure yourself if you don't follow safety procedures.
Too much smoking tends to injure the voice.
I injured my knees while I was skiing last winter.
Each year, 30,000 people are seriously injured by exercise equipment.
Luckily, nobody was injured in the accident.
Don't injure your stomach by eating too much.
The bomb injures twenty-nine people.
The bomb explosion killed 20 people and injured more than 50. His words injured me.
How did you injure your left hand?
Several people were badly injured in the accident. You injured my feelings by saying such unfair things.
Mum fell over and injured her arm when she lost her balance on the ferry.
Be careful. You might injure your eyes.
"He injured his back and will be unable to play tomorrow.
to be injured

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2. to hurt to hurt

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you.
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

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3. infringe

It's fine to set up a web page, just be sure you don't infringe anybody's copyright.

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