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1. regular

We would like to be treated as regular people
normalny, zwykły
regular face
regularne przerwy lanczowe

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Happily even after The Drew Barrymore story
Meine Lektion
HAppily ever after

2. periodically

Airplane parts are checked for that periodically.
Airplane parts are checked periodically.
Periodically the glacier forms a dam separating the lake into two.
We are now seeing that in fact Mars probably does have water – not liquid water – that there is ice just below the surface and there's even just recently tantalizing evidence that perhaps water does flow periodically

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3. regularly

Now that he's retired, he plays golf regularly
People who exercise regularly are less likely to feel stress.
They meet regularly, once a month.
We should eat often, little and regularly.
You have to water the plants regularly.

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