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irgendwann in English:

1. sometime

Great! Let's get together sometime.
Call me sometime.
Let's meet sometime in the near future.
Why don't you come by sometime after ten?
Everything that lives will die sometime.
The final proposal will be announced sometime next week.
I'd be grateful if you could take a look when you've got time sometime.
Do you mind if I call on you sometime? "No, not at all."
When will you wash your car? "Sometime this week, I think."
I suppose I've got to get my feet wet sometime.
No, I don't. I want to learn sometime.
Having walked for sometime, we came to the lake.
However, I made friends with a girl from Denmark and I hope that we will meet again sometime.
John sometime goes overboard in drinking.
I have a feeling that he may blow in sometime soon.

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