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herrschen in English:

1. prevail prevail

Justice will prevail. Your inner strength will enable you to prevail over life's obstacles. He considered lying, but then common sense prevailed.
peace prevailed
If a proposal, principle, or opinion prevails, it gains influence or is accepted, often after a struggle or argument.
I prevail on her to have a date with me.
These customs used to prevail all over Japan.
We must prevail against our rivals by all means.
Our country will prevail, because ours is a big and brave army.
it is hard for logic to prevail over emotion
I am sure that common sense will prevail in the end / a friendly atmosphere prevailed among the crowds
the economic conditions which prevail in England and Wales
prevail over somebody, prevail on somebody to do something
I believe instead that the common interest of the European people should prevail.
Hope in the end, truth prevails.
The hot winds which prevail during the summer in some of the other colonies are unknown in Queensland.
The Christian religion is from heaven. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it, and its professors are not afraid of its being examined. It has stood for eighteen hundred years, and it will stand long.

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