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ergeben in English:

1. yielded

He yielded to pressure.
Those two experiments yielded similar results.
The talk between labor and management yielded no definite results.
Because he was just like a child, he yielded to temptation.
She always yielded to his opinion.
At last he yielded.
He finally yielded to the request of his wife and bought a house.
She yielded in his proposal.
He yielded the castle to the enemy.
The fields yielded a good harvest.
The door yielded to a strong push.
It should be emphasized that Emmet's theory yielded a number of byproducts in the process of application.
He yielded to temptation and took drugs.
My uncle yielded his car to me.
Mandeep found that grouping the kids into fours or fives yielded the best results.

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