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erfüllen in English:

1. comply comply

I cannot comply with his request.
The convicted drug dealer was willing to comply with the authorities to have his death sentence reduced to a life sentence.
He refuses to comply with the regulations.
You are legally obliged to comply fully with any investigations.
to comply with the rules, with the law
comply with the law
We have to comply with all the agreements
I agree to comply with this Code and conduct required by the college
to comply with sth
You must comply with our rules.
We shall be pleased to comply with your request.
Hopefully you'll comply with traffic regulations after this.

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2. fulfil

fulfil a dream
I'll stay with Drogo until he fulfills his end of the bargain and I have my crown.
he wouldn’t be able to fulfil his ambition to visit Naples
fulfilled life
If you are employed but don't fulfil conditions to get a registration certificate right away, you can register as a taxpayer.
One day I'm going to fulfil my dream of becoming an astronaut.
"How, then, can we help women to fulfil their desire to have children? "
Some officials were dismissed because they could not fulfil their duties.
To fulfil our promises we will need new knowledge and new tools.
how will they fulfil their responsabilities?
nursing is hard work, but it can be very fulfiling

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